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The Influence of Kurosawa on Star Wars

Akira Kurosawa’s films appear frequently on the list of George Lucas’ favorite movies. In addition to Rashomon, Ikiru, Yojimbo, The Hidden Fortress, and Kagemusha, Lucas cites The Seven Samurai as an influence. More… Continue reading

Parenting in Eraserhead

One might initially dismiss David Lynch’s 1977 sci-fi horror flick Eraserhead as being unnecessarily bizarre and not conducive to any kind of analysis. Eraserhead is an art film, and so almost everything takes… Continue reading

Dystopian Fiction and Brazil

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is a contemporary example of a dystopian film. In the movie, either consciously or inadvertently, Gilliam includes a great deal of content that points to famous futuristic novels. There are… Continue reading