Setting in Paris, Texas

At its core, the movie Paris, Texas is about a man’s failure to make connections with other people. Travis has been unsuccessful in his marriage to Jane, he has wandered off from his… Continue reading

The Harder They Come and the Spaghetti Western Genre

  During the ending moments of the cult classic The Harder They Come, Ivan evades the police while imagining himself in a western film. The images of Ivan’s fantasy audience are from the… Continue reading

Alienation in The Catcher in the Rye and Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese’s 1976 drama Taxi Driver is about post-war alienation and isolation. The main character, Travis Bickle, is having difficulty finding happiness after being discharged from his service in Vietnam. Another work that… Continue reading

The Nameless Protagonist in Drive

The nameless protagonist is hardly a new phenomenon in fiction. The aspect of this trope that changes over the years is its purpose. During the modernist era of literature, the nameless, anonymous status… Continue reading

The Extreme Settings of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

In the Star Wars universe, each planet is usually made up of one specific kind of environment. This is an interesting choice on the part of Star Wars writer George Lucas because, in… Continue reading

Revenge in Kill Bill and The Count of Monte Cristo

The two-part martial arts film Kill Bill follows the story of Beatrix Kiddo (alias The Bride) as she journeys to get revenge on a group of people who ambushed her at her wedding. One… Continue reading

The Pessimistic Road Movie and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Ideally, a road movie consists of a literal journey for the main character as well as a figurative journey of self-discovery. Certain road movies ironically clash with this trope. One example of a… Continue reading

Symbolism in Leon: The Professional

Unlike other 1994 crime films (Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, etc.), Leon: The Professional is a fairly straightforward narrative with little overt symbolism or subtext. The symbols that do appear in the movie,… Continue reading

Parenting in Eraserhead

One might initially dismiss David Lynch’s 1977 sci-fi horror flick Eraserhead as being unnecessarily bizarre and not conducive to any kind of analysis. Eraserhead is an art film, and so almost everything takes… Continue reading

Colonialism and A Bug’s Life

The Disney/Pixar film A Bug’s Life is about an insect hierarchy. The grasshoppers exploit the ants for food. In return, the grasshoppers supposedly protect their servants. The irony of this is that the… Continue reading